Who’s Jennie Garth’s New Boyfriend? Luke Perry (Thanks To Old Navy)!

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The first days of August brought us the first Back to School ads from Old Navy. Which were absolutely, unreservedly amazing! You can watch a bunch of them here. . But most importantly, you can watch the 90210 get together after the jump. For Old times… ahem Old Navy jeans.

Jennie Garth s new boyfriend Luke Perry Kelly choosing between Brandon and Dylan.

Remember those times? 90210 feel like yesterday!

Especially after just talking about Tori Spelling giving birth! I bet that’s why she missed the Old Navy reunion!

But getting back to Kelly and Dylan! Did you know that this Old Navy commercial brought the two of them together? For real?

Yep, it’s totally happening! Jennie Garth is dating Luke Perry!

August started with Kelly refusing both Brandon and Dylan in Old Navy’s ads. But what do you know, advertising really has its effects: by the end of the month, Kelly chose Dylan after all! Both recently divorced, always buddies, but now, sources say there’s really electricity between them now! Awww!

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#1 Riana on 08.31.12 at 6:31 am

Really? They’re dating for real? Awww….and yes, I also liked to watch 90210 now and then. I wish them all the best since I have had a lot of fun at the time. Although I always thought Dylan and Brenda were THE couple. LOL, I liked David a lot; these days Brian Austin Green looks like a controlling guy….??

Argh, how scary how times fly….it’s like I did count to 25? That fast…..sighs…..

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