Chanel Is Trying To Hypnotize Us Into Buying Rouge Allure

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What? You think it’s too much to say? I’d politely ask you to read the following before you’ll press play and experience the marketing feeling on your skin. Now – we’ve all seen it in movies, at least – hypnotic inductions can vary from asking a subject to stare at a moving pendulum or from asking a subject to concentrate on one’s voice only. I’m sure they’re more varied and more subtle than that, but you know, movies have a wide audience of varied IQ.

So, Chanel’s new Rouge Allure ad campaign is trying to get our attention focused on one spot (literally) which deepens with every frame into a sparkling Kaleidoscope. While I felt like looking at some Klingonian with a high disco fever, my stomach was getting that unease feeling of vertigo. Inverted. Like I was getting dizzy inside myself.

Now I was never hypnotized before, nor was I planning on being so while watching a Chanel Beauty ad campaign. But were you? (hypnotized or something similar) – anything remotely like this feeling induced by Inguna Butane as Chanel’s Rouge Allure ambassador?

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