Standing Up Against The Ever Shrinking Ideal Image Of Women

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I think I’m feeling pretty militant today. I haven’t planned it like that, it just followed the natural path of what I read since I opened my laptop an hour or so ago. I’m usually a passive bystander of everything and anything fashion and style. Every now and then, I stand up and raise my voice.

But what can one single voice do today? Joining the ever so nice Gabrielle from Design Mom, I’m speaking up against the ever shrinking ideal image of women today! Against the excessive use of Photoshop, against the wrongful distribution on models on catwalks as clothes hangers and nothing more, for that and so many more image ailments I think we should raise our voices stronger and louder.

Today it’s us, looking at these ads and whatnots. Tomorrow, it’s our children. That alone makes me get out of my passive mood and stand up. Because if one day, my sweet daughter will come to me saying she wants to be thinner, I’ll more likely faint. It may take us forever to achieve what we want, but at least we’re not just sitting ducks for the ever shrinking image hunters. Are we?

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#1 Ellington on 06.27.12 at 8:43 am

I am with you 100 % on this Kpriss.
I loath oppressive objectification of any kind.
One should never sit passively by, its better to be proactive, and aware, even if one ends up being the lone voice in the wilderness, someone will hear.

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