Portia De Rossi’s New Haircut

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The bob still has faithful fans it would appear, as Portia de Rossi just stepped out with a radically short hair (given her long love for extended locks).

It’s a very becoming haircut and it looks really good on Portia. So if you’re thinking about getting a new haircut, consider a bob like Portia de Rossi’a. It’s versatile, it’s youthful and really easy to style! {DM}

Portia de Rossi new haircut

As she’s fully embracing the passing of the big 4 – 0 threshold, Portia de Rossi looks more and more not like she’s also embracing herself but like she’s trying to reinvent herself.

Portia de Rossi Arrested Development then and now

Granted, getting back to the Arrested Development years as Fox’s canceled series was reprised by Netflix may not have helped Portia into looking forward but on the contrary. 2006 was a long-locks year for the blond Australian actress who made her hair a TV legend even from the Ally McBeal years..

Portia de Rossi bob haircut

And since the only way is up, gravity seems to have taken care of yet another hairy situation for Portia de Rossi with her newly Ellen-like chop from the 2013 spring. Could be her busy married life that’s taking a toll on Portia’s long hair care habits. Could be that she simply got enough of having long hair. Or just a decided foot in the age’s door: I’m getting girlier and brighter by the day. By the year. By the cut.

Portia de Rossi haircut same as Ellen de Generes haircut

As she confessed so herself in an interview for Out magazine, Portia’s greatest fear is ‘chase what I looked like at 20’. And through these shorter cuts she’s making it pretty daylight clear she’s far from that girl!

Portia de Rossi new short hair pixiecut

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#1 Ellington on 06.08.12 at 8:03 am

Cute hair cut.
But I must say that if these photos are meant to be ‘candid’ they are failing at that.
Portia is posing away there giving us her best angles for her new look.

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