Celebrities Love Nike Wedge Sneakers: Rose McGowan Spring White Look

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Just days ago, I was signaling what seems to be a real trend among our beloved celebrities: the Nike Dunk Sky High print wedge sneakers. Jessica Biel was wearing them while heading home from Paris, for a comfortable flight.

Now here they are again, as worn by Rose McGowan who was sporting a fresh, spring – ready look finished with the above – mentioned urban sneakers. As I’m sure she won’t be the last falling for the new Nike Dunk wedge sneakers, I suggest you hurry in getting your own pair, I’m convinced that everyone will be wearing those by the end of 2013 – and you know I tend to be right about these things!

Rose McGowan white Nike wedge sneakers

You can opt for one or more of the four colors of the new Nike Dunk Sky High Wedge Sneakers and, as one of our dear readers assured us, you’ll be like walking on clouds, that’s how comfortable they feel!

Nike Dunk Wedge Sneakers trend alert

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