Karolina Kurkova In Rachel Zoe Shiny Dress For Met Gala 2012

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I’ve been watching the Red Carpet arrivals for this edition of the Costume Institute Met Gala 2012 and I have one person that’s completely stuck in my head: Karolina Kurkova. Have you seen her dress? Can you believe it’s a Rachel Zoe dress? I can’t! All I see is a look heavily inspired by what Kate Moss was wearing at the Met Gala’s 2009 edition (the Model as Muse).

Remember when she turned up wearing that silver wrap on her head? Pretty much like Karolina Kurkova did tonight? Rachel Zoe should’ve known better. Anyway, Karolina was one of the most glamorous Red Carpet appearances tonight. The posture, the smile, very professional! But how do you feel about this dress? (you can take a closer look in the gallery here!) (photos via)

Karolina Kurkova Rachel Zoe golden dress Met Gala 2012

Karolina Kurkova s dress at Met Gala 2012 Rachel Zoe Karolina Kurkova head piece Met Gala 2012 Karolina Kurkova with Rachel Zoe ready for the Met Gala 2012

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