Monica Cruz, Andres Velencoso Segura Watch Pirates For TechnoMarine Campaign

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Now that’s some serious pirate work right there! After sister Penelope Cruz joining the Pirates of the Caribbean ranks, Monica Cruz is now advertising for TechnoMarine Watches wearing a wristwatch as an eye patch. Clever, huh?

Monica and Andres Velencoso Segura, known more for being Kylie Minogue’s boyfriend than a Spanish model and actor, both advertise for TechnoMarine as photographed by Nicolas Guerin and Benjamin Bouchet. The campaign will reportedly mark the Geneva based brand’s 15th anniversary and the launch of its new website and continually expanding e-boutique (US and Canada) initiative. Oh, and if you head over to their website, there’s the video campaign teaser with Monica and Andres, set on Ratatat’s Mirando (remember there was a Prada campaign with that soundtrack too?)

Monica Cruz TechnoMarine ad campaign

Andres  Velencoso Technomarine ad campaign

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