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Kylie Minogue Without Makeup
We all love a small dose of sincerity from our celeb faces, the ones we loved to entertain ourselves with. Today it’s Kylie Minogue’s episode:... Read More

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AnOther Magazine’s Decade In Style By Hedi Slimane And Craig McDean
Can you believe a magazine photo spread can actually be shot in 18 months? (no, there’s no typo! A year and a half for fashion... Read More

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Kylie Goes Geisha
Knowing that your latest album just made a flop in the US, how can you go even X-er than your average X-tour? Well, I guess... Read More

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Kylie Minogue Showtime Perfume
I know you’ve been holding your breath until the next celeb tagged line would appear so I said to myself why make things harder? Here... Read More

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Kylie Minogue Furnishings
From last night on, you can all imagine what’s it like to have “Kylie At Home”! It seems that celebrities want to expand their artistic... Read More

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Kylie Minogue at the Nrj Awards in Cannes
The Red Carpet. Cannes. France. January 26th. Kylie Minogue. It all seems fine until now. But let’s see these pictures. A flower print dress, colorful,... Read More

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Who Spends Fortunes on Handbags?
We all have our sources, we all scout the Internet searching for sensational news to offer you, better way to present them, brighter colours and... Read More

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Cut it! The latest trend in hairstyle is short! Or at least shortER than before. It’s just me, or Victoria Beckham set this trend with... Read More

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