Fashionable Gadgets: Apple MacBook Perfume

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That’s way better than Lagerfeld’s Books Scent. For me, at least. I love being surrounded by gadgets. All kind of gadgets. But mostly, computer – related gadgets. I’m fascinated by them. Some are bag – girls, I’m a gadget – girl.

Apple Macbook scent Naturally, my curiosity was all over this MacBook Pro perfume thing when I first read the news. Basically is like living that feeling of opening an Apple box and smelling the “new” scent within.

Air Aroma wanted to capture and release that for an art installation in Australia. However, Alexander Cosic, the Sales Manager from Air Aroma, who described the new product as: “a mixture of ink, paper, foam, sticky tape, and the Macbook with a hint of glue smell” is now looking for distributors, according to the Fashionista. Would you be interested in buying if ever?

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