Karl Lagerfeld’s New Perfume Paper Passion To Smell Like Books

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Books are so hot right now! Karl Lagerfeld, also known for owning an impressive library is ready to launch a perfume that smells like books! Though the smell isn’t without precedent (do you remember the perfume that smells like a library?), it still is interesting to see der Kaiser’s perspective on the matter.

This new book – like venture joins his already loudly manifested passion for books through owning a book store in Paris (7L, 7, rue de Lille) and planning to open one in New York too. Accompanied by a book, both carrying the same name, Paper Passion, Karl‘s upcoming perfume was developed in collaboration with Geza Schön and is not yet certain when it will hit stores. Would you give it a try? (via)

Karl Lagerfeld Geza Schon Paper Passion

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