Charlize Theron’s Vogue UK May 2012

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Charlize Theron on the cover of Vogue UK? Now that’s interesting! Vogue UK’s May 2012 issue with effortlessly perfect Charlize as photographed by Patrick Demarchelier is an interesting cover story sequel to Sienna Miller’s pregnancy & more April 2012 issue.

And not just because both ladies cite acting as their main profession and modeling as a collateral, but also because they’re new in motherhoodland. Sienna is still pregnant while Charlize made quite a buzz when the news about her adopting a baby boy got out a couple of weeks ago. Oh, yes, and they also mention movies in their interviews (Sienna is playing Tippi Hedren in a TV biopic) and Charlize is the villain in Snow White and the Huntsman (with Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, set for summer release). (hit the jump for more)

Charlize Theron Vogue UK May 2012 cover

So why was I trying to reveal the pattern in Vogue UK’s editorial trajectory? Because I was trying to figure out what Alexandra Shulman is up to. Turning Vogue UKt into a momsmagazine? Because fierce fashionistas may have some objections to that!

Charlize Theron Vogue UK May 2012 photo by Patrick Demarchelier

Charlize Theron Vogue UK May 2012

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#1 Ellington on 04.05.12 at 1:04 pm

I love Charlize Theron!
She is wonderfully talented.
This would be an issue of British Vogue that I would mos def buy.
: )

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