Have You Seen Sienna Miller’s Vogue UK Pictures?

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You know I was b!tching and moaning about Vogue UK’s April 2012 cover story and associated pictorial with Sienna Miller? You’re kind on me if you’re saying you don’t! But here’s what I found: I found the inside pictures of that said cover – story. Not that they were a secret or anything, I just took the time to take a second look.

And I’m glad I did! I was actually, genuinely surprised by the looks of it! Plus I imagine it took some serious efforts to get those birds into the camera’s array of action, if only for few seconds, and then choose a significant image to print. I know that just by looking at it, although visually nice and warm and unexpected, you’d get the impression that the pictorial was born by itself. Like self – inspired. There is no such thing. (click through to read all about that and see more images or jump to see the gallery here!)

Sienna Miller Vogue UK April 2012

Sienna Miller is playing Tippi Hedren, the non / actress who was Hitchock’s obsession for years and years. Sienna is interpreting Tippi (Melanie Griffith’s mother, just to pin her in our familiar memory) for a BBC film called “The Girl”. And yes, she’s also talking about her pregnancy. A little bit. Which gives an allure of tabloid story to this entire cover / interview combo. But then again, it’s not like we haven’t seen Vogue US doing that each month.

In a word – I loved Ryan McGinley’s pictures! He didn’t shoot Hitchock’s birds, but some chirpy happy parrots that go rather well with Sienna and her way of being. Now that you’ve taken a look at the inside story too, how do you feel about Sienna’s Vogue? Did it grow on you like it did on me?

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#1 ana on 03.19.12 at 2:47 pm

She has a very,very beautiful face. but I can´t stand her for using personal life/romances/home wrecking to promote her acting (which is mediocre, by the way)

#2 Riana on 03.20.12 at 3:18 am

I like the joyful shoot, I like the cover too: it’s Spring after all. This looks a bit like the Dutch flowerfields at the moment filled with daffodils under a blue sky with sunshine.

ana, I totally agree about her mediocre acting and never saw the fuss over her IT-girl thing either. But it takes two people to wreck a home.

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