Wearing Glasses? Try The Hippie Fashionable Glasses!

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As two of our kids wear corrective eye glasses, we’ve been pretty much in and out of the opticians’ office once or twice every year (multiplied by 2, that’s 4 visits/ year and two pairs of eyeglasses/corrective lenses for each of the kids) just so they can enjoy something I take for granted – accurate sight. And I wouldn’t make such a big deal of that if it weren’t for the liquid prescription lenses! Have you heard of those?

They’re totally adaptable, you can adjust the lenses to your convenience, in your own home! And it’s affordable too – it’s $19 for the moment, for a pair of these adjustable wonders. So these spectacles below are an interesting alternative to the classic ones. And I really love a good, funny frame! Especially since I’m always looking for cute frames for kids and everybody seems in such a hurry to grow up and wear either the no – frames kind or sleek metal frames. Where are those thick, colored frames I used to see everywhere when I was little?

Hippie frames

Oh, and about those self adjusting liquid eyeglasses? Check out this little video here – I found it really convincing. (I stumbled across these cuties over at DesignMom and the concept belongs to Chloe McCormick and Nicholas O’Donnell – Hoare)

great glasses frames

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