Foldable Sunglasses Linda Farrow And Tim Hamilton

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Now what you’ll see below is a perfectly stylish, functional pair of shades. It’s available in two colors: purple lenses with transparent yellow frames and equally purple lenses with transparent blue frames.

Judging by the simple looks of the shades, you’ll most likely conclude they’re cute, maybe too geometrical for your taste, and scroll down, looking for another thrill. However. If you decide to buy the cute Linda Farrow and Tim Hamilton sunglasses, things prove to be quite different from your original thought. (click through to see why!)

Linda Farrow Tim Hamilton sunglasses

So, $350 later, you’re the proud owner of a madly, deeply practical pair of shades which folds from this

Linda Farrow Tim Hamilton foldable sunglasses

To this. How? It’s all magic! Don’t you want those like.. yesterday? (if nothing, ask yourself just this: how many sit-on aviators troubles will these new foldable shades spare me of? if the answer is superior to umm let’s say 3, join the club!) (via)

Linda Farrow Tim Hamilton foldable sunglasses yellow

Linda Farrow Tim Hamilton foldable sunglasses blue

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