Stefano Pilati’s Last: YSL Fall Winter 2012 2013 Collection

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All is in the rumors, in the fashion industry. And that is a fact. Stefano Pilati was rumoredly let go from Yves Saint Laurent. However, people started talking about his departure from YSL last season, so it mustn’t be a surprise for Pilati.

We shouldn’t be as naïve as to think that he wasn’t aware this was his last YSL collection and think take the elements of this fashion show as random. Yves Saint Laurent fall winter 2012 2013 collection was a strong one. Pilati was master of the YSL style and his strong declaration of fashion ownership is clear through every rough sartorial detail. Much can be interpreted and twisted with every catwalk turn, but it’s safer to let the fashion things as they are and start the guessing game – who should take the YSL throne now?

yves saint laurent Fall Winter 2012 2013 collection

Pilati s last YSL Fall 2012 collection

YSL fall winter 2012 collection

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