Nellie McKay The Very Thought Of You

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The return of the Friday Break! I told you that Inspiration is a tricky master – I took a break in making the “break” every week because it stopped talking to me. I simply wasn’t into music. As silly as it may sound.

The kids were all down with this nasty flu virus, it kept coming and going, like it wouldn’t let go of them! Anyway, now they’re all fine, all four of them, and so are we. I think. Although I’m typing this with sore throat and a hot cup of tea in front of me. (we’re still recovering so I’ll keep this break – reloaded short.) It’s Nellie McKay’s The Very Thought Of You, a rendition of a dear song interpreted by Doris Day.

Part of Nellie’s 2009 album “Normal as Blueberry Pie – A Tribute to Doris Day”, “The Very Thought of You” was originally written and composed in 1934 by Ray Noble and Doris sung it in the movie “Young Man With a Horn”:

However, back to Nellie: not only is she a quirky, talented singer (with five albums already), but she’s also an actress (PS. I Love You). If you’re watching Boardwalk Empire, this upcoming tune may sound very familiar! Also, if you want to know more about Nellie McKay, her colorful website is full of precious info. How do you like her?

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