Kate Moss Photographed By Tim Walker At The Ritz For Vogue

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Though it totally looks like promotional material, Kate Moss at the Ritz is pure visual bliss! Grace Coddington really signed a stunning piece of magazine work through this inside pictorial found in the pages of Vogue US April 2012 (yes, the one with JLo on the cover – which cover didn’t warn anyone about the heavenly goodies inside).

I may be not be thinking straight, my objectivity being blurred by the sight of Kate Moss who’s not doing as many magazine pictorials as before, now that she’s a settled woman (it’s not just my impression, is it? But I’m under the impression that she’s not all over the place like she was, say, two years ago?). Also, it’s a couture pictorial – so, naturally, the clothes are so much more beautiful, a thousand times more special and more spectacular than normal editorial items. (hit the jump to see the rest of the images; click here for the gallery!)

Kate Moss Vogue US Ritz

The Marie Antoinette silly spoiled game is suiting Kate. But who wouldn’t be great in a Tim Walker setting? The man is not just a photographer, he’s a magician! A fashion puppeteer! He pulls the strings, he gets the photo he wants. And we, we get the thrill and the spine chills from that beauty overload! (don’t we?) Chapeau, Vogue!

Kate Moss Vogue photo Ritz pictorial

Kate Moss Vogue by Grace Coddington Ritz story

Kate Moss Givenchy Ritz pictorial

Kate Moss styled by Grace Coddington for Vogue Kate Moss Ritz Vogue Kate Moss at the Ritz for Vogue

Kate Moss Ritz pictorial Chanel Kate Moss couture Vogue US Kate Moss couture pictorial US Vogue

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#1 Riana on 03.27.12 at 8:09 am

Chapeau Grace Coddington!! What a stylist. She the absolute Queen of Styling *bows*…..:)

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