Claudia Schiffer’s 30 Sexy Years For Guess

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I wonder what she’s eating! Cause whatever she’s having, I want it too! In 1989, Claudia Schiffer was doing an ad campaign for Guess. 23 years later, in 2012, Claudia Schiffer is, once again, doing an ad campaign for Guess.

And “Guess” what? (pun intended) She looks like she hasn’t aged a day! 23 years! I’m amazed! Photographed by the same amazing Ellen von Unwerth, Claudia Schiffer is doing her best Bardot thingie for Guess 30 Sexy Years ad campaign, after 23 years and three kids. If you’ll hear anyone saying bad things about this advertising campaign, it’s envy talking, I’ll tell you that much! (at right the 2012 ads and at left, the 1989 ads)

Claudia Schiffer Guess after 23 years

Claudia Schiffer Guess Ad Campaign 2012 and 1989

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