Stacy Keibler’s Metallic Marchesa Dress For 2012 Oscars

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Have you seen the metallic dress worn by Stacy Keibler at the 2012 Oscars? She was there with her boyfriend, George Clooney, who was nominated for Best Leading Actor and she shined more than he did!

After talking about the beautiful Meryl Streep and her golden dress, Stacy Keibler’s metallic Marchesa dress was the next logical step. Even though I can’t help but look at her like someone’s girlfriend (she is, isn’t she? George Clooney’s current flame?), Stacy Keibler keeps wearing fancy dresses on the Red Carpet, thus getting significant attention from the press. Not one of my favorite looks tonight (too shiny, too high profile, too soon), but everybody seems to enjoy her. Why is that? (images courtesy)

Stacy Keibler metallic Marchesa dress at 2012 Oscars with George Clooney

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#1 Riana on 02.27.12 at 8:15 am

I think because that’s a real woman of flesh and blood? And has or had a successful career not anyone aspire and she’s fun? That can be a good reason for people to enjoy her. George didn’t seem to mind at all she shined more than he did. He had attention enough and seems enjoy her company a lot so? Let her shine ;) :)

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