Joan Smalls, The Model Of The Moment

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Every season there’s a new girl, a new face, a new body to conquer the hearts of fashion designers and occupy their catwalks. However, Joan Smalls seems to have an endless moment. Her star shines bright in the fashion sky season after season.

She’s young and still she seems to have a very bright character, she’s determined and knows what she wants. Fashion people love her, designers love her, Joan Smalls will most certainly continue to make fashion waves. But is that really because she started wearing high heels, like cnn claims it actually happened? Like switching from combat boots to high heels is going to change your life forever? (it will change the life of your feet & back, that’s for sure, but get you Givenchy exclusives? I don’t know about that!)

She began wearing heels full-time when she switched agencies in 2009 and began working with IMG’s Kyle Hager. Within a year, she landed her breakthrough gig in high fashion as the exclusive model for Ricardo Tischi’s Givenchy 2010 Couture Show in January 2010.


#1 ana on 02.20.12 at 12:01 pm

She is soooo beautiful. I have a girl crush on her.. she is divine.

#2 Ellington on 02.20.12 at 2:55 pm

She is just so lovely! : )

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