Wearing High Heels Gets Painful After 34 Minutes

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Did you ever actually counted how long you were feeling comfortable while wearing high heels? We recently went out and since I didn’t had anything decent to wear, I went for my boyfriend jeans, you know the ones I was telling you about a while back. The only trouble is I have to wear them with high heels. Or else I’d be trashing the living fiber out of them. And I’d look like a misplaced cowboy.

So I put on some high heeled booties and off we went. It was all good while we were still in the car. Then we got off and started walking. Approximately a half hour later I was desperately scouting around for a place to sit my fashionista self and catch a breath. My feet were killing me! Now, discovering that there’s actually a study saying that the average woman can comfortably stand wearing a new pair of high heeled shoes for about 34 minutes it all became clear as daylight! It wasn’t my post – baby body that would not adjust to wearing high heels. It’s the way things are. High Heels / New Shoes only get you as far as 34 minutes with a real smile on your face. After that, you’re faking it: the comfort, the fashion. Everything. Cinderella much? (Insolia via; photos via)

Catwalk Models taking off shoes


#1 Nicola on 12.03.10 at 7:34 pm

I thought it was just me!

I now keep flats under my desk, and were flat comfy boots to work. I pull out the heels when I have meetings. I thought I need to see someone about my foot problem, and have been patiently waiting for my benefits to kick in.

The sad thing is, I take all the precautions, all of my high heels are a half size too big (this makes a huge difference), and I have sworn off the pointed toe for good. And still I can’t spend the day in heels anymore.

#2 Agingerella on 12.04.10 at 9:36 am

It is possible to make elegant and wearable high heels. I’ve still some vintage pairs. They’ve the nail heel but are not that ridiculously high and have a nice fit. Female unfriendly, misogynist shoes? They can keep them. Don’t give a damn about Loubs. Can’t afford them either.
I don’t wear that sort of heels. It’s ridiculous. And such a pity my vintage pumps doesn’t look that good anymore. I only keep them to look at them now and then because I’ve such fond memories of these shoes and oh, if they could speak….:-)

These heels are bad news for our back and hips my ladies. Take care!

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