Adele’s Vogue US March 2012

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This is great! And I’m not saying it just because it’s Adele and I love her to pieces! But because on Vogue’s US March 2012 Cover is a British singer and on Vogue’s UK March 2012 Cover is an American singer (Lana del Rey)! I’m amazed! The little coincidences making life even more interesting than it already is! (although I have my doubts that the two editions don’t know what they’re planning months ahead)

Adele, as photographed by Mert and Marcus, looks thinner than I remembered her. However, I don’t know if I should cast the stone at the Photoshop – people or take a better, closer look at Adele as she appeared last night at the 2012 edition of the Grammy Awards – after all, she’s been through a difficult surgery… (more images after the jump; check out the gallery here)

Adele Vogue March 2012 cover

Besides, you have to admit, Anna Wintour surely knows how to pick her covergirls! Last night, at the 54th edition of the Grammy Awards, Adele won not one, not two! She won six Grammy Awards, including the crown jewelry “best album of the year”. That is definitely a slap in the face of those who try to hard, push too far and only get a year of fame and glory.

Adele photographed by Mert and Marcus for Vogue

Adele is effortless in her magic. She’s an artist (and a funny one too, there’s this lengthy interview on Vogue’s page you could try and read – I did. I lost myself in it and then jumped off of my chair since I had lost track of time and completely forgot the boiling water for my tea.). Adele doesn’t jump on stage, keeps all her clothes on and even brings an aura of times past with her retro glam look. Adele is a Diva. A timeless one. And I’m grateful to Anna Wintour for having her as a cover girl! (can. not. believe. I. said. that!)

Adele won six Grammy Awards

Adele Vogue US March

Adele on stage 2012 Grammy Awards concert

Adele Vogue US March 2012 picture by Mert and Marcus

Adele Vogue US

Adele Vogue March 2012

Adele performing on stage 2012 Grammy Awards


#1 Riana on 02.13.12 at 9:28 am

Adele has besides that voice of hers such a beautiful face why does even she need to be photoshopped? Hmm, yes she lost weight after her surgery. These photos have been shot months ago though?

I love Adele; these are beautiful photos of a bombshell as Vogue UK wrote she is. (Checked it.)And she is! Plus she’s funny too and not fake :P
It’s wonderful she won every Grammy she could win <3

#2 Ellington on 02.13.12 at 10:57 am

I adore Adele, she is a fantastic singer and songwriter! I love how she is just herself no gimmicks and all talent!
I am sooo glad that she won all of her Grammy nominated categories!
In an age where most “singers” use autotune, have to wear candy coloured wigs, meat dresses, and cupcake breasts, she is a wonderful and refreshing change!
And she looks simply fabu in this issue of Vogue! : )

#3 keiKo on 02.15.12 at 2:29 pm

This cover is stunning – I like Mert & Marcus’s work & Adele certainly deserves this cover. This editorial shows that WOMEN (not just girls) are very beautiful. My only complaint is if I wanted to read Rolling Stone I would.

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