Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You!

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Although it may sound like a cliché, I will Always Love You, Whitney! R.I.P! It’s amazing – one day everything is fine, I’m away from my desk for one day and…

I remember someone said once, explaining to a wee kid, that people aren’t dead, when they die – they just go on an island somewhere. Whitney Houston went on a journey, yesterday, to that very island! Somewhere around 4PM, February 11th 2012, Whitney we all knew and loved was pronounced dead.

Everyone knew and witnessed the mess that she was, her life was public and everyone could see and judge. Just like we could see and judge Amy Winehouse. And Michael Jackson. And so many other immensely talented people who brought so much joy to others and less to themselves.

It must be an artist thing – exchanging your personal life’s satisfaction with the stage life satisfaction. Giving everything, expecting the same and receiving the worse in return. Of course we want to know what happened! If she overmedicated, everyone will be relieved and say: see? That’s why she died! She brought that upon herself with her hectic, superficial, weak way. And they’ll say life goes on, and they’ll move on. Forgetting.

Whitney is dead. I can’t believe it. I don’t even care why they die on us, I don’t even care to know the cause of their passing. I only want to remember them as they were. Troubled and oh – so – talented! What they do outside the stage, outside the recordings studio is their businesses. It’s their life. They already gave us so much!

Whitney, you gave us so much! Thank you! And forgive me, us, for closing our eyes and ears to the troubles you were in just because we only wanted to see and hear your bright side! There’s a dark side to the Moon, let alone to every one of us!


#1 ana on 02.12.12 at 9:24 am

Such a sad ,sad day… but there will be another star shining in heaven tonight.
Michael, Amy, Liz Taylor,Whitney..all the true talents are leaving us.

#2 Dollybird on 02.12.12 at 3:07 pm

First Michael and now Whitney. Its like my childhood is being blasted with another bomb.
Where do broken hearts go… *snif*

#3 Riana on 02.13.12 at 7:34 am

Where do broken hearts go….I posted that one on my FB page only…I love that song a lot….

There was a ban in our household to sing along with I Will Always You…for obvious reasons :)

A girlfriend whose gone too almost did demand me to sew her a dress like that light purple one Whitney wore in the video that I Wanna Dance With Somebody that brought her to our attention…..:)

Music has this magic that provide us all wonderful memories….that’s what make us cry too isn’t it? And that’s why I thank this Lady. Farewell Whitney……

#4 Ellington on 02.13.12 at 11:15 am

I was so sadden by this news of her passing away.
I just hope and pray that Bobbi Kristina will have the support and love to get through this.
My favourite song to remember Whitney by is “Its not right but its okay”. She looks stellar in that video and her voice on that song is full of verve, wit and depth!
She will be missed but we have her music and that is wonderful.

#5 Dollybird on 02.13.12 at 2:21 pm

All at once…
I finally took a moment and I’m realizing that
You’re not coming back
And it finally hit me all at once
All at once…
I started counting teardrops and at least a million fell
My eyes began to swell,
And all my dreams were shattered all at once …

If ↑that song↑ doesn’t move anyone..I must be a fool in love.
I’ve been going through all of Whitney’s songs on YTube since the sad news. Good Lord Whitney had such a special way of singing about all our heartaches & joy related to love & life. Her talent really was a gift to us from somewhere stellar. She was irresistable, incomparable & irreplaceable. Her musical legacy is priceless & eternal.
I never imagined I’d be so affected by her death. I was rooting for her to the very end. I think we all saw the danger signs but the fool that I am believed in miracles. Adieu Whitney :(

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