Nail Polish Stripes From Avril Lavigne And Sally Hansen

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Nail Polish Strips? How about that? Would you (if you haven’t already, that is) be willing to try this? Like regular tape only in polish – would that be a stress reducer, or what? No dry time, no fuss, isn’t that your nails dream lacquer?

I’m more conservative (you may say I’m not embracing change, but hear me out): I love my girly time – out when I’m doing my nails. Waiting for them to dry out is like a time – out extension. And where would I be without a crooked French tip? I live to see those white zig-zags on my nails! (every time I promise myself I’d use tape and still forget all about it – free hand French tips get really messy sometimes!) Back to why I started this (but you know me by now and you know anything nails keeps me talking and talking… and talking some more): Avril Lavigne worked out a deal with Sally Hansen to issue nail polish strips in her own design!

Avril Lavigne Sally Hansen Nail Polish strips

Hear that? Nail polish strips – you just take them, peel them and apply them on your nails and you’re good to go! Avril sounded really happy about the beauty deal and did say she’s considering adding more beauty to her fashion empire (Abbey Dawn, anyone?). Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips kits include 16 strips each, a cuticle stick, how – to apply the strips instructions, a mini file and buffer. All for $9,99. I haven’t tried the nail polish strips yet, and there’s hardly any chance I’d be doing that in the near future, so: if you’re already familiar with this kind of product, please share (pro and cons would be highly interesting; I think I’m tirelessly, hopelessly loving the way my freshly applied nail polish goes out the window with the first diaper change). Avril Lavigne was just a friendly celebrity vessel to grease up the mechanism of landing these new products straight into the customer’s caddy. Hence, I’m not even going to try discussing Avril’s designing talents when it comes to nail polish! (anyone thinks I should?)

Sally Hansen Nail Polish strips

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