Kristen Bell’s Leather And Lace Valentino Red Dress For 2012 People’s Choice Awards

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What happened to Kristen Bell’s hair stylist? Was he / she taken for the night so Kristen couldn’t do otherwise but walk the 2012 People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet with terrible bed hair do?

If one thing, we can safely declare she’s either dressed by the same stylist Ashley Greene consulted for the event, or that lace and leather dresses are the next big thing on the Red Carpet! Kristen Bell’s red Valentino dress wasn’t all bad. It’s maybe the hair or the awful makeup. Or a handful of reasons why Kristen didn’t hit the style jackpot for the night. Oh, and what’s up with those pointed metal toes nude Loboutins? Just because metal toes are in, doesn’t mean you have to pair them with anything, does it?

Kristen Bell Valentino red dress 2012 People s Choice Awards

Kristen Bell 2012 People s Choice Awards red dress

Kristen Bell 2012 People s Choice Awards backstage with Lea

Kristen Bell 2012 People s Choice Awards presenting

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