Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron’s W February 2012

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It’s more than a decade since Charlize Theron continues to impress me with her quiet seduction act. She’s amazing – the kind of ultra feminine woman that simply doesn’t go unnoticed. Her effortless beauty and really subtle sensuality always get to me. She’s one of those women who don’t have to pout or try explicit postures in pictures and still get a very seductive act in motion.

Brad Pitt? Well… Needless to say nobody cares about him anymore since he’s with Angelina Jolie. He’s clearly a very presentable male still, only the female population has rejected him because of his partnership with world’s most beautiful woman (of 2000 and something, according to some magazines). So – charming pictures for both of them, well done W Magazine! The February 2012 issue is more interesting than a regular Vanity Fair. Ooops! (the story continues right after the jump, click here for the gallery!)

Charlize Theron Brad Pitt cover W magazine February 2012

The pictures were taken by Mario Sorrenti and as careless and cool Brad is trying to be, he’ll fall into that 40-something years old men in magazines clichés. (I realize it’s a long title for a cliché, but stay with me and you’ll see what I mean). Think Johnny Depp? His kind of laid back cool? Think Clooney – his way of being funny in a seductive way? All middle age men featured in magazines are portrayed as being totally relaxed, fully aware of their worth in every way and.. well, not trying to prove anything.

Brad Pitt photographed in W Magazine February 2012

With women, on the other hand, it’s an entirely different story – women can’t be laid back and not giving any damn except in their 20s. When they reach the age men are portrayed as laid back, women wear more and more makeup in various magazines. Light is dimmer and dimmer on their bodies. Shadows and merely suggested sheer clothes, hotel rooms and loneliness (if not a very young male in the immediate proximity, usually with his back at the camera, or at the very woman in question, in a complete lack of interest towards her). I’ll stop here, asking you if you too have noticed the above and asking you if there’s any chance to stop objectifying women in fashion magazines. However, this is not W’s best pictorial this month! The best is yet to come!

Charlize Theron by Mario Sorrenti W Magazine February 2012

Brad Pitt W February

Charlize Theron W

Brad Pitt W Magazine picture

Charlize Theron seductress for W

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#1 Riana on 01.19.12 at 11:18 am

Hmm, I think a lot of men are the most at ease when they reach their middle age or they get into a midlife crisis. That’s what I saw and still see around me in the real world. Brad look definitely still hot and he has no time with all these kids and work to get into a midlife crisis I think?? I don’t like the photo in the bed though.

Charlize is such natural beauty. I watched her with my mouth open at the GG’s red carpet. Saw photos of her trembling because of the cold night waiting with her mother for a taxi; still breathtaking gorgeous. That did impress me much more than these poses. I would leave the room when she walks in…..;)

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