2012 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Black Dresses

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The safe choice for evening wear, the queen of all dresses, the Little Black Dress (shorter or longer, simpler or more intricate) was a sure bet for the 2012 edition of the Golden Globe Awards.

Not as numerous as the white-ish, pale neutrals, soft gowns we talked about earlier, the black dresses were equally gorgeous, maybe even more interesting, fashion wise, than the rest. My favorite was, of course, Meryl Streep. A fashion winner, not just a Golden Globe winner! (she took home the Golden Globe for the Best Actress Award for her interpretation in the Iron Lady – once again, Anna Wintour picks the winners for Vogue’s cover) She’s wearing Alessandra Rich, and even if it was a bed sheet or table cloth or both, all I know is that it’s totally her, it suits her, it looks amazingly comfortable and she may wear whatever she pleases, she’ll still be the great Meryl Streep! (I realize I may be all alone in my corner while the entire world is casting fashion stones at Meryl’s dress choice for last night). The story continues right after the jump (you can click here for the gallery!)

Meryl Streep black Alessandra Rich dress 2012 Golden Globes

You know, there’s something odd happening now – when I did that creamy story earlier, I had good and bad. Now (maybe it’s because of the amazingly good coffee I’m drinking right this moment) I can’t seem to find any flaws in the ranks of the black dresses wearers! Salma Hayek’s black Gucci with golden geometrical embroidery on the dresses’ corset is truly flattering on Salma’s body (notice her ombre hair? If Pinault’s lady has gradient hair, it’s a trend for sure!). And that Prada dress with green upper body that has taken over Zooey Deschanel’s usually quirky baby doll-ish style? It’s amazing! I loved her transformation!

black dresses with embroidered top 2012 Golden Globes Salma Hayek Zooey Deschanel

Rooney Mara, today’s fashion darling is looking absolutely stressed out – I wonder if it’s a rehearsed attitude (given that she’s supposed to be Lisbeth Salander for yet another two movies) or just her – anyway – the dramatic cleavage of this black Nina Ricci gown doesn’t help her relax! Can you believe there was an Alexander McQueen on the Golden Globes Red Carpet? It’s a black Alexander McQueen looking alarmingly similar to the white dress Pippa Middleton had as the bridesmaid at the Royal Wedding, worn by Ricky Gervais’ girlfriend, Jane Fallon.

Rooney Mara Jane Lynch 2012 Golden Globes Black Dresses

Jane Lynch and Maya Rudolph were both wearing black dresses from David Meister, Debra Messing was lovely in a lot of black fabric shaped like a dress by Monique Lhuillier while Homeland’s Morena Baccarin was a complete risk taker in paneled black Edition by Georges Chakra. Glenn Close was Hollywood Royalty in black velvet Armani Prive while Jessica Lange was enchantingly simple, although the hair ruined everything.

2012 Golden Globe Awards black dresses Maya Rudolph Morena Baccarin Debra Messing

Glenn Close Jane Lynch Julianne Moore 2012 Golden Globes black dresses

The beautiful Julianne Moore had an amazing set of emerald jewelry and an irresistible smile paired with one of those undecidedly shaped Chanel dresses which look way better on the runway than in reality. Calista Flockhart was a vision in black with her lovely black dress with ruffled pleated skirt. Remember we talked about Mila Kunis earlier, so her black Dior can be slipped right here for a quick check. Naya Rivera had a gray Vera Wang dress – not black, I know, but I had to include her – I’m sure she got dressed in the dark!

Harrison Ford with wife Calista Flockhart in black dress 2012 Golden Globes

A special fashion mention goes to the Black And White dresses on the 2012 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet! Kate Winslet was beautiful in black and white Jenny Packham dress, Claire Danes took a fashion risk with her open back black and white J Mendel dress and Sharon Osbourne’s black and white Naeem Khan was slightly dubious but suited her nevertheless – Livia Firth, Colin Firth’s wife also made a statement in black and white. Anyone I’ve left out? Oh, yes – a quick mention for Melanie Griffith who was also dressed in black (although I have no idea who she was wearing – anyone knows?) and Eve Mavrakis, Ewan McGregor’s wife who was also dressed in black (loved her headpiece!) (this was possible with a little help from 1, 2)

black and white 2012 Golden Globes dresses Kate Winslet Claire Danes Sharon Osbourne

Colin Firth with wife Livia in black dress 2012 Golden Globes

Ewan McGregor s wife Eve Mavrakis in black 2012 Golden Globes

Claire Danes open back dress 2012 Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais girlfriend Jane Fallon in black McQueen dress 2012 Golden Globes

Naya Rivera s gray Vera Wang dress 2012 Golden Globes

Morena Baccarin black cutout dress 2012 Golden Globes

Morena Baccarin black cutout dress 2012 Golden Globes


#1 Riana on 01.16.12 at 10:02 am

Claire Danes won also a Globe. Which she truly deserves. What an outstanding part she plays in Homeland. I was rooting for her and the series. Also for handsome ginger leading man Damian Lewis. Alas….
Claire looked surprisingly great and better on my tv screen. Better than on the photo.

Meryl is not the greatest dresser. She never will be. But what does it matter? She’s such an amazing actress. And she has such great sense of humor and is intelligent.
On Twitter people could dump question for the press-room and and if the question was worthy it would be rewarded. So someone asked a simple question: “What would you ask Margaret Thatcher?” Meryl’s reply: “What do you think now of Europe and the debt crisis?”
Meryl Streep, I love you, I always have but now even more. I don’t care what you wear I care for whom you are and you are amazing!

#2 Riana on 01.16.12 at 10:12 am

OMG…..Lisbeth Salander has turned into a fashion darling…..it’s painful…..it truly is…..

The 90’s where the last decade when it was still great to watch the red-carpet. People talked about their part, their work and we did watch what they wore of course! Then it slowly changed further and further into a PR campaign for fashion brands. I really hated it last night despite I like a lot of dresses above….:((

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