Christmas Playlist: Coldplay Christmas Lights

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You know how I love Christmas! I’m waiting for it all year long and when it’s finally there … it’s like a dream came true! I live that dream with all my loved ones. And with you (you know… group hug – wink).

Throughout December, we’ll be having Christmas Fridays. And this is the first – Christmas Lights from Coldplay. A dream like video filled with sparkling lights and fireworks bonus Coldplay, one of my favorite bands. I hope you’ll enjoy the little Christmas tunes I’ll be playing this month – if you have any preferences and ideas, please don’t hesitate! Share the joy and the love! (oh, and after the jump, Chris Martin Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!)

So the song is from 2010 and it was released on the very first day of December (last year). The video is impressively theatrical, with dream – like inserts. The Elvis impersonators playing the violins in the background are especially disturbing (okay, so there were some rockets flying by, but not as odd as the coming and going Elvis guys!). You’d be surprised to find out that Simon Pegg was among them! Yep, that Simon Pegg! (I couldn’t tell which one, but I suppose he was the one in the middle? Can you tell?)

And you saw there were some words in Latin written above the stage? “Credo Elvem Etiam vivere” – don’t worry, it’s not philosophical at all – it means “I believe Elvis lives”. Pretty non traditional, eh? Check out Chris Martin surprise act below:

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#1 Riana on 12.04.11 at 12:35 pm

A good start of the season with a band like Coldplay. For what they stand for; being democratic and give a like 10% of their income to charities. I still have a weak spot for them.

Sorry, I enlarged my screen and watched it twice but did not recognize Simon Pegg?

Chris Martin and Bono were here in the Netherlands last week to pay homage to Anton Corbijn whom received a prestigious Dutch price for his oeuvre. Princess Máxima, the Crown Princess, was the host. Both disappeared after their performances sooner than they arrived!! Nou ja….

I have to get yet in the Christmas mood….maybe this helps….:)

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