Cate Blanchett, Flawless In Louis Vuitton For Store Opening

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It’s been a while since my last Cate Blanchett post. And if this sounds like a confession, it’s not a random thing (wink) – I feel like I’ve been missing out on something really important. And mighty beautiful!

Every time I look at Cate, I get this feeling of complete peace and tranquility, of utter beauty and surreal grace! Take this random example of Cate Blanchett participating at a Louis Vuitton store opening in Australia, Friday, December 2 in Sydney. She’s beaming! Like she’s glowing from the inside! (isn’t she? sure, I know the Louis Vuitton dress enhances that ethereal feeling, but still…) Again I think her being distributed as Galadrier was brilliant! I can’t think of Galadrier without seeing Cate’s face or hearing Cate’s voice – wasn’t she the best choice for the role?

Cate Blanchett stunning in white Louis Vuitton

Cate Blanchett at Louis Vuitton store opening


#1 Dollybird on 12.04.11 at 9:04 am

Her skin. Its irridescent with an inner glow as you say Kpriss. Some lucky women just can’t help having it. Tilda Swinton and top model Alek Wek have it too. Having said that Cate’s sense of style is flawless. She always carries herself well and that in itself is part of her charisma.
I know it may sound far fetched but Cate’s like a young Greta Garbo to me. Utterly beautiful, intelligent, sensitive and sensationally talented with a slight dose of mystery. We hardly know much about her private life nor does she open her front door to photographers or magazines. That LV dress is not really my choice of wear especially how it looks like it needs a lot of ironing & impractical at the dinner table so as pretty as it is I’ll skip it.

#2 Riana on 12.04.11 at 12:04 pm

A young Garbo? I believe Greta retired yet younger than Cate is today? I don’t see it…
To me she’s besides all her talent and beauty a very down to earth woman who has found a good balance between work and her private life. There are indeed hardly photos of her and her family. And when it happens the family seem so normal. I guess that makes her look so happy glowing. Though Cate looks always natural stylish even caught in private.
She’s also never or hardly accompanied by her husband at events. I can’t remember it? Good for them.

Haha, I skip this LV dress anyway since I can not afford it plus it won’t look good on me. Cate wears it not for a dinner but to look great at the job. And she succeed :)

#3 Ellington on 12.04.11 at 12:47 pm

Cate looks stunning! : )
She always does. : )

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