Lingerie For Everyone To See

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Ever since her Gaganess made her way into the world wearing less pants and less tops than any of us dare to in the very privacy of our homes, the lingerie items we usually kept underneath claim their right to coming out.

It’s something I’ve always cringed outside the stage where the likes of Cher and Madonna (and I’m sure many others) promoted this kind of entertaining costume. Wearing your lingerie for everyone to see, purposely, just doesn’t sound good or fashionable enough to me. If you’ll scroll down, you’ll see just why.

A recent Face Hunted drew my attention because she was wearing her bra on her tee. (and even though I think I spot a second bra underneath the tee – correct me if I’m wrong – her daring lingerie move doesn’t strike me as fashionable). She’s a very pretty young lady, photographed in Kuala Lumpur, wearing something you will help me describe by casting your vote after the first image!

Wearing your bra on your tee

Wearing your Lingerie for everyone to see:

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Lingerie for everyone to see

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#1 Agingerella on 12.27.10 at 4:20 pm

Hmm, usually I’m not one for showing off lingerie. In this case I think it’s fun. It’s not vulgar or disturbing imho. So I voted for option two. :)

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