Nail Polish For Men

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Speaking of men – you’re aware of the cosmetics or beauty products created especially for men – the last one joining the beauty case is the nail polish for men!

EvolutionMan Nail Varnish and Nail Paint were “Formulated with men in mind” and, you guessed it right, addresses to the stylish, uber fashionable or simply rebel men population out there who loves a good manicure (and / or pedicure) every now and then (or, why not, on a regular daily basis).

While naturally asking myself if this nail polish created especially for men is any different from the usual nail polish for women, I couldn’t find a satisfying answer that would point out the notable differences. Sure, the names sound a bit different than the girly, funny names we’re used to reading on the bottom of our nail lacquer bottles, but that’s it? (EvolutionMan is declined in shades like Pure Matte, Pure Bling, Pavement, Stand Out gunmetal or purple Alter Ego) Well, at least we know Gwen Stefani would be a sure client! Don’t we?

Nail Polish for men EvolutionMan

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