Emma Watson’s Vogue UK December 2010

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Now let’s get the obvious out of the way: sure I was going to bring Emma Watson’s Vogue UK cover on board! Bring on the “men of style”! I’m guilty as charged!

Getting a December 2010 cover feels like one of the most normal things to do with the new Harry Potter soon in theaters. (can’t believe we’re talking about December covers already! I still feel the summer pouring down my veins!) With her new cut and her new un-Hermione approach, Emma looks and feels like a breeze of fresh air (sure, if we count the Twiggy flavor out). Now how do you feel about Emma Watson (photographed by Mario Testino) on the cover of a fashion magazine? Again. (hit the jump for more images, click here for the gallery!)

Emma Watson Vogue UK December 2010 cover

How about the interview then? Is there something revolutionary that’ll turn your world upside down? Change the way you look at Hermione.. ahem Emma? Not really! In the true fashion of Emma Watson, there’s nothing to shocking about her out there. She’s normal, she has normal emotions and wants.

Emma Watson Vogue December 2010

We’ve read the stories a hundred times before: in tabloids, in the blogosphere, everywhere. Emma Watson is a normal superstar. With a Twiggy flavor. Let’s see what she’ll produce next in terms of acting and then we’ll judge how talented and “the biggest British star of her generation” really is. Do you think she’ll make it big like, say, Natalie Portman? (Vogue via)

Emma Watson Vogue UK December 2010

Emma Watson Vogue UK December 10

Emma Watson Vogue UK December 2010 1 Emma Watson Vogue UK December 2010 2 Emma Watson Vogue UK December 2010 3

Emma Watson Vogue UK December 2010 4 Emma Watson Vogue UK December 2010 5

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#1 Penelope on 11.04.10 at 5:55 pm

hey! haven’t visited for a while…Emma looks amazing in these shots- very Twiggy-esque, but I guess that’s the look they wanted and it worked. I think it’s fitting that she would be on a Vogue cover, after all she is the face of Burberry, right? Besides, there is no difference in her being a Vogue cover girl, to random celebrities saying they are fashion designers!

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