Nicole Scherzinger London Fog Ads

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Are you familiar with London Fog? Umm, yes the ones who photoshopped out Gisele Bundchen’s baby bump, but other than that?

(worried face) I’ll tell you something you may not have known about London Fog! They’re a US born (1923) and based label, the world’s largest outerwear and raincoats manufacturer (in the 80s) with trademarked fabrics which would get you through the fog-iest weather (wink).

Although undoubtedly one of the strongest memories I have about London Fog is their controversial photoshop – operation on Gisele’s baby bump, I’m trying to focus on something else. Toujours advertising oriented, but on a positive note.

If you had any doubts that Nicole Scherzinger was really big right now, consider throwing all your doubts out the window! Nicole Scherzinger is the face.. umm the body of London Fog for their new advertorial season. (she replaces Christina Hendricks, known and appreciated for her Mad Men interpretation; even Eva Longoria and her then-husband, Tony Parker did an ad campaign season for London Fog!). Yesterday a Vogue photo shoot, today a London Fog ad campaign.. What else, Nicole? (photos 1, 2)

Nicole Scherzinger London Fog ad campaign

Nicole Scherzinger shooting  for London Fog ad campaign

Nicole Scherzinger London Fog ads London Fog Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger London Fog campaign

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