Summer Rock’n Roll Wedding Inspiration Slash And Perla

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What is it with Rockers and Weddings this summer? Kate Moss? Sofia Coppola and now Slash wife of 10 years, Perla Hudson, they all made time for a little wedding this season!

Let’s take a look at this rock’n roll couple’s renewing vows ceremony: the bride was wearing a white unconventional dress (having seen Anja Rubik’s similarly cut wedding dress a month ago, I’m on the verge of declaring this a trend!), a long veil and the groom is more rock’n roll, although definitely on the trend side, wearing gray (so did Jamie Hince, remember?). Their two boys were there too, both wearing matching gray suits and white shirts and were given rings to seal the unity of their family (awwww).

Rock n roll Summer Wedding Inspiration Slash and family

What you may not know, is that Perla Hudson’s dress is the same dress she had on 10 years ago, for the original ceremony! For this Ibiza occasion, the Richard Tyler designed gown was restyled by Perla herself and Brides by Liza so that it will match the location. Have you noticed the black (or is it dark gray?) roses bride bouquet? And the tiny hat fascinator the bride had on? Congrats to the (again) newlyweds!

Slash wedding to Perla Hudson

Slash Perla Wedding in Ibiza


#1 ajginger on 09.02.11 at 5:38 am

Awww, Slash, my guitar hero! Thanks Kpriss! :))
Last year Slash filed for divorce. Why? No one knows except people close around them. I was in shock: noooooooooo! Even the divorce papers appeared. He didn’t say a word about it and tweeted on about the tour thanking fans as ever. Perla stopped tweeting. Two months later they reconciled and this is the result. I hope it’s forever.
London (9), the eldest boy gave the bride away. Cash (6) was Slash’s best man and the family dog Fog was the flower girl LOL!

Rings for family unity and I hope it lasts forever and not end as in the November Rain video from Slash’s former-former band…some people must remember Stephanie Seymour in a dress where the skirt is like this? My first thought. As for the hat? That’s how Perla honours her husband: it’s his trade mark is that top hat. Nice to see him without that hat or a cap. :)
Hahaha, you couldn’t photoshop that middle finger but don’t take it to literally I do it sometimes just because of happiness like “haaaaaaaa ….”and stick my tongue out too….:D :P

What is this with celebrities and dying their kids’ hair? The Stefani/Rossdale family do it. Maddox had his mohawk dyed blue for a while and these dark haired cuties are blond now? Is it normal? Such a cute mix of their parents these two though :)

#2 ajginger on 09.02.11 at 5:42 am

Oops, that’s what happens to a fan who loves a certain sound of a guitar that’s great for every occasion….

Argh, the dog’s name is Foxy, sorry flower girl. ;)

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