Karen Elson’s Vogue Italy October 2011

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Raising to be a true star, Franca Sozzani has the attention of the fashion world all to herself. Lacking a true editor star and fighting the one and only Anna Wintour whose Vogue US, although entirely professional and respectable, is more on the celeb side than on the model side, the fashion people turn to Franca’s Vogue Italy for fashion hope.

And she delivers! She so delivers! Here’s Vogue Italia’s October 2011 cover with Karen Elson, photographed by Steven Meisel. It’s a perfectly austere, autumnal cover with the flawless Karen (who looks so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off of her! Can you?). As for the content, there’s not much out yet. However, it would appear (check out the scan after the jump) that the issue revolves around age and beauty. In a new, unexpected perspective! Can’t wait for more goodies!

UPDATE: Previews made available by Vogue Italy confirm that this issue is truly special. Check out the gallery here!

Karen Elson Vogue Italia October 2011 cover

Vogue Italy October 2011

Vogue Italia Nomad Vogue Italy November Vogue Italy November 2011 pictorial by Steven Meisel


#1 Ellington on 09.29.11 at 12:14 pm

A stunning cover! : )

#2 keiKo on 09.29.11 at 11:58 pm

Although I usually find Italian Vogue a little too sombre this cover is flawless – pity other mags don’t follow the stellar example set by Italia Vogue.
I like how Karen Elson is a beautiful woman & not an alien freak child model.

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