Anna Wintour Wants Kate The Duchess On Vogue’s Cover

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Rumors circulate saying that Anna Wintour would like to have Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, on the cover of Vogue US. The feared editor in chief is in awe of Kate’s style and behavior, trying to get Mario Testino to photograph her for a fashion (and more) story (Mario Testino also photographed the Royal couple’s engagement).

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge Vogue cover spoof There’s no telling if she will do as she pleases since the Duchess is carefully guarded by the Palace and so far already refused a Vogue story from UK’s Alexandra Schulman (who also tried to get Testino on the job, right around the Royal Wedding).

What say you? Will Anna get Kate on Vogue’s cover? (and will it end up looking so bland like the NYmag is trying to show us it will?)

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