True Religion’s Phantom Jeans, The New It Premium Denim

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Have you heard about the Phantom Jeans? No, it’s not something otherworldly, it’s a pair of jeans. The thing is, with denim, nowadays, you can’t just wear any denim. If you want to be the hype of the hype, the peak of the style, the crème of the fashionistas, you’ll have to wear premium denim.

What’s that, you say? Well, it’s like any other denim, only ten times more expensive! No, seriously, the premium denim defines itself primarily by being manufactured in the US. With that in mind, the three figures price tag suddenly becomes more understandable. Premium denim is also somewhat less industrialized than normal jeanswear and produced in smaller quantities than the latter. Now even when it comes to premium denim, trends are trends and some premiums are just… more premiums than others!

True Religion Phantom jeans

Take for instance the new season’s menace: The Phantom. As signed by True Religion Jeans, the Phantom draws its name from the branding of the actual jean more than anything else. Meaning that you won’t see the heavily embellished back pockets you’re used to seeing in True Religion jeans. The logo is almost invisible on these ones, currently adhering to the no – logo policy in fashion. What will you have to pay for an almost non – logo-ed pair of jeans? Somewhere between $295 and $400! Pretty premium, huh?

The Must Have jeans the Phantom True Religion

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#1 Ellington on 09.01.11 at 11:14 am

I love True Religion jeans/denim. I have a few pairs. I love how they fit! : )
But these are rather up there in price and for that kind of money the jeans better be able to walk themselves to the washing machine and put themselves in! ; )

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