Red Carpet Fashion: Rachel Roy’s Pajamas And Coco Rocha’s Tablecloth

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The vacation season is in full bloom still so it’s no wonder I wasn’t aware of what happens on the Red Carpet. However, after doing some serious browsing and stumbling across images from the New York premiere of Anne Hathaway’s latest movie, One Day, I was forced to update my Red Carpet fashion data.

To my greatest surprise, I found Rachel Roy, a fashion designer, wearing a pajama like suit – light blue with white stripes on. Take a look below and tell me what you think! Also, after the jump, the adorable Coco Rocha, present for the above mentioned premiere, was wearing a white strapless maxi dress with strange motifs on, the fabric reminding me more of a curtain or tablecloth than Red Carpet suitable outfits.

Rachel Roy pajamas

Rachel Roy Red Carpet event pajamas suit

Coco Rocha white strapless maxi dress Red Carpet

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