What Inspires Marc Jacobs

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Yes, this is the third episode and it’s about what inspires Marc Jacobs. Fashpeople, take out your notebooks, ebooks, mobile phones and take notes! This is where Marc roots for inspiration!

Marc Jacobs favorite movie is Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton). Marc Jacobs loves auction houses. Marc Jacobs loves going to the gym. Marc Jacobs has a favorite city in the world. Two, actually: Paris and New York. Marc Jacobs favorite hotel is New York’s Mercer hotel, London’s Claridge’s hotel. Marc Jacobs’ favorite restaurant is New York’s Waverly Inn and Paris’ Kai (that’s it! They’ll be fully booked through December!). Marc Jacobs favorite cocktail drink : Diet Coke (what is it with fashpeople and their obsession with Diet Coke? What’s wrong with water? Limeade? hmmm). Marc Jacobs loves cotton and silk and loves a good H.I.V. / AIDS charity! (to be continued…)

what inspires Marc Jacobs

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