Marc Jacobs Favorite Gadgets

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So here goes another story about Marc Jacobs and what he loves. Because we love him so we want to know everything about him! (if I sound like a crazy fan schoolgirl, don’t worry it’s just the weekend approaching and the project of hosting and organizing three backyard parties in two days! Yaaay! Keep your fingers crossed! Our house is going to look interesting this weekend – wink)

So this time we’ll talk about Marc Jacobs favorite gadgets. Like his BlackBerry (please don’t throw your iPhones out the window! I’m sure the iPhone will be his next season favorite!). Marc Jacobs favorite stationery comes from Benneton Graveur (Paris). Also please not that Marc Jacobs doesn’t – no scratch that! – CAN NOT DRIVE! A car, that is! Fashion people, forget your cars! Right. Now! (to be continued…)

Marc Jacobs favorite gadgets

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