Toms The Row By Ashley And Mary Kate Olsen

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Remember when we saw Ashley Olsen wearing a pair of flat sandals from Birkenstock? It would appear that it wasn’t an isolated event as the Olsen sister’s The Row label had teamed up with Toms and produced a special collection.

Toms + The Row equals (at first sight) an overpriced pair of Toms. For $150, you have the chance to buy a wool, leather or cashmere pair of flat Toms (which you could otherwise have for a third of the price, sans The Row label). Oh, and then there’s the Toms policy – you buy one pair, they give one pair to a shoeless child. Wait – the same happens if you buy a $50 pair of Toms, doesn’t it? Hmmm would you pay three times the normal price just for a label? (Toms via)

The Row Toms flat espadrille

The Row TOMS by Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen

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