Amy Winehouse Similar Dress Now On Sale

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Amy Winehouse’s sudden and (somewhat) inexplicable death has taken everyone by surprise and they’re all experiencing some kind of magnetic fascination with the late star’s style and artistic manifestations.

Sales of her albums have exploded and everyone is feeling the heavy winged eyeliner and loving the puffed (Jersey like) updo. Even the great Karl Lagerfeld had named her a style icon and a genius.

I paired my saddened few words on the matter with a, like our friend Ajginger remarked, a happy picture of Amy waving back at us. I wish she could be like that now. Happy and in peace. Anyhow, if you’re enrolled in the remembering Amy army, a dress which resembles very much to the one in the picture below is available on sale for $25.86 (19.23 EUR). Don’t forget the heavy eyeliner and two packs of ultra long hair extensions.

Amy Winehouse dress for sale

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