Marc Jacobs Favorite Clothes

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Are you ready for the last and maybe the most important episode of what Marc Jacobs loves saga? Marc Jacobs is all about clothing. Fashionable, uber trendy clothing. Anything Marc touches turns to gold, instantly. He’s definitely today’s most influencing designer.

So there it goes: Marc Jacobs favorite jeans A.P.C. . Marc Jacobs favorite sneakers Adidas Stan Smith. Marc Jacobs wears briefs and loves boots. His favorite t-shirts come from American Apparel (and that, my dahhhlings, is how American Apparel gets out of financial trouble and into the hip zone). Marc Jacobs favorite day bag is an Oversize LV Crocodile Lockit bag. Marc Jacobs favorite luggage is, biensur, Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs favorite suits come from Bottega Veneta and Huntsman. Aaaaand Marc Jacobs favorite accessory is a Prada Fur Boa!

Marc Jacobs favorite clothes

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