Justin Timberlake’s In Time With Sasha Pivovarova

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Despite my notorious unfriendly attitude towards spoilers and anything plot – revealing about upcoming movies, I’ll have to somewhat break that because of lovely Sasha. Sasha Pivovarova has starred in a movie with Justin Timberlake. And Olivia Wilde, and Amanda Seyfried. And more.

Sasha can be seen in the movie’s trailer, actually, at about 2.30 (if you’re curious about the trailer, you can find it here) and her role is some character’s mother-in-law, Clara. Odd though, if you were to check the cast list, Sasha’s name doesn’t appear in it. Something should be done about that! Either way, it’s a pleasant surprise, Sasha is following in her twin – like fellow model (yes, that’ll be Gemma) and steps into the Hollywood spotlight! Without being properly credited, though. (sigh) (check out the cast list here and convince yourself!)

Sasha Pivovarova starring in movie In Time with Justin Timberlake

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