Makeup. A Little. Too Much?

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Are you worried about the products you use and the substances they were made of? What ends up on your skin, it can actually harm you. Mind the label, be careful and choose carefully the content of your makeup case.

You’ll say it’s only in small doses and it won’t, it cannot possibly harm you. It’s just a little foundation here, a touch of blush there and some mascara now and then. How about if you do the math, every day, layer after layer of makeup? Won’t that be a threat? Take a look at what a year worth of makeup applied in one setting can end up being like and then you might want to reconsider your perspective on makeup. (it’s a project authored by the Dutch couple Lernert and Sanders with Ellis Faas beauty products on model Hannelore Knuts – 365 layers of makeup. It looks strange, doesn’t it? Don’t miss the video after the jump to see how it all went down!)

No Makeup vs One Year of Makeup

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