Bridal Hairdo. DIY Wedding Hair Styles

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If you missed this bridal season’s rush, you’ll get plenty of the virtual wedding glamour with the latest celebrity weddings. Kate Moss … ahem Hince as a bride was pure delight. Kate remained true to her vintage-y, bohemian style and she kept strong by her friend, John Galliano, wearing a dress designed by the outcast designer.

The latest Royal Wedding which turned Charlene Wittstock into a Monaco Princess was equally breathtaking, there’s no doubt about it. Sure, I haven’t forgot about the amazing, sublime McQueen dress as worn by Catherine, the new Duchess of Cambridge, as a matter of fact, I’m struggling to pick a favorite between the two Kate bridal gowns.

How about the hair? If we were to draw the line and designate a new bridal hair trend, it would most definitely be the loose waves down the shoulders in a natural look. However, Princess Charlene took it further and stiffed the natural bridal approach with a classic, retro glam bun decorated with a heavy piece of intricate floral jewelry work. So if you’re more on the bun – side of the bridal hairdos, scroll down to discover DIY tutorials on how to make some wedding worthy hairdos.

Bridal hairdos

I’m loving each and every one of them, and I think they’re easy to put together and versatile. You can wear them in various occasions, not just for weddings and such special celebrations. Can you pick a favorite? (you can check out Joanna’s lovely website for more here)

Bridal hairdo chestnut bun

How to do your own bridal bun

Gorgeous wedding hairdo

Easy to do gorgeous bridal hair style

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