Get Your Gucci Fix With Vogue China August 2011

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I’ll start with a question: why do I always pick up my Vogue with no additional designer goodie inside other than the usual ad campaign inlays? Look at this wonderful edition of Vogue China August 2011 with a special freebie: A Gucci paper folder!

It’s not much, you’ll say. I’m well aware of that myself, however, it’s something you’re not used to find in a regular issue of a fashion magazine. Is it? It comes in either beige or black, with the GC monogram all over plus a special encryption mentioning the 90th anniversary of Gucci. Fancy, huh? What was your most special freebie up until now? I’ll start – I got a special key holder charm in the shape of a mariniere t-shirt, signed by Jean Paul Gaultier (with a French fashion magazine, eons ago). Loved it! (via)

Gucci Free Paper Fold brown

Vogue August 2011 China free Gucci

Gucci Free Paper fold beige

Gucci Free Paper Fold

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