Bar Refaeli’s Little Black Bikini

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First of all, for those who are not familiar with the fashion world or the latest gossip, Bar Refaeli is a very sought after model. In addition to her fashion fame, she also made the tabloids and the gossip news delight as Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend.

Yep, before Blake, there was Bar. Now they both moved on and here she is, with her new boyfriend (David Fischer) vacationing. Sunbathing. If your desire is to take fashion cues from the celebrities, then you should note that Bar Refaeli wears a two pieces electric blue swimsuit which she also wears on separates: the electric blue top with a simple black bikini. I’m loving her – she looks healthy, a far cry from the usual stick thin model! Isn’t she just beautiful? (photos via)

Bar Refaeli Little Black Bikini

Bar Refaeli Little Blue Bikini

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#1 Decor Arts Now on 07.25.11 at 3:08 pm

She looks great, but I never have the courage to show my tushy even though I am thin!

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