Daphne Guinness In Alexander McQueen For Met Gala 2011

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This is one of the moments I bow down and give thanks for Daphne Guinness exists! Thank you, from the bottom of my fashion loving heart, for giving us such a priceless sartorial moment, Daphne Guinness!

Tonight’s Met Museum Gala 2011 was all about Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty. I’ve spent hours and looked at so many pictures with the Red Carpet happenings from the Met this evening, searching for something noteworthy! All I could come up with, to best illustrate the McQueen Savage Beauty theme was Daphne Guinness dress from the Spring Summer 2011 fashion show! She was perfect for the night, wouldn’t you say? (photo via)

Daphne Guinness Alexander McQueen dress MET gala 2011


#1 ajginger on 05.03.11 at 6:38 am

I did not expect anything else from Daphne!! I truly hope she’s willingly to share McQueen’s St. Martin’s collection which she bought from Isabella Blow’s inheritage to honour them both. Athough I’m probably not able to see it: I would embrace the gesture.

#2 kpriss on 05.03.11 at 6:54 am

Oh, I wish she would do that too! The woman is a McQueen catwalk herself! And Isabella Blow’s wardrobe is something that would definitely keep me in a museum all day long. Few days in a row ;)

#3 Ellington on 05.03.11 at 10:14 am

I ADORE Daphne Guinness, she loves and respects fashion and style and she has fun with it! To me she is what Posh has always aspired to be and emulate but never quiet makes it.
I love this gown on her! One of my standouts mos def! : )

#4 kpriss on 05.03.11 at 10:24 am

So you think Posh wanted to be like her? hmmm. never thought of that! I always thought Posh was trying (hard) to be different from the other swags. I like that she seems to be happy with David (and he with her). Daphne’s family life is pretty… colored

#5 Ellington on 05.03.11 at 10:40 am

Yes as a fashion maven/icon/stylista yes Posh would LOVE to be in the same fashion style level as Daphne is. I do not think that she wishes to emulate her “private” life though.

#6 kpriss on 05.03.11 at 11:06 am

ah, no, I was just saying that about Posh and Becks with no relation to Daphne.. I got confused, sorry :) mixed everything up.

It’s an interesting perspective, you’re absolutely right, Posh seems to be wanting to follow Daphne’s footsteps. fashionably speaking ;) She will never do that, I think. She’s good where she is, however, her (Victoria’s) style seems to catch…

#7 ajginger on 05.03.11 at 11:22 am

Really? Nah, Posh wants to be more than where she’s coming from. I applaud her for what she has achieved in her life with hard work. Let’s not forget she was yet rich before she met David. Daphne is not a self-made woman and had all the time in the world to become whom she is. This is not attack, on the contrary. One does not choose the place your born in…..at least Daphne is far more interesting than lots of the rich.

#8 kpriss on 05.03.11 at 12:03 pm

She’s been through a lot of changes before getting where she is, that’s for sure! (she was rich even before Spice Girls?)

Daphne on the other hand had all the time and the tools in the world to attain that level of posh & spoil she nonchalantly parades around like it was truly effortless.

Looking at things through Ellington’s perspective, I cannot deny certain similarities between Victoria’s fashion tryouts and Daphne’s existential style. Posh even tried to wear heelless shoes. (though I haven’t seen her try her hand… ahem foot in Nina Ricci so Daphne owns that one!)

#9 Ellington on 05.03.11 at 2:11 pm

Victoria Beckham’s family had money before her fame, granted not Guinness cash or even what she has now but money none the less.

#10 kpriss on 05.03.11 at 11:04 pm

(now I finally understand why she was the Posh spice to begin with! ;) It took me a while, eh? Thank you, Ellington! :* )

#11 ajginger on 05.04.11 at 4:31 am

It’s true, I know that too, but they are not filthy rich. Victoria has inherited her family blood: make something of you life. Work. That’s what I admire about her. In the mean time she runs a family too. Chapeau to Mrs Beckham Adams on my account.

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