Anouk Down And Dirty And More

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As our dear friend, Adriana suggested, I’m pouring a little Anouk into our daily / weekly music musings. Because she’s been there for so long, so steadily following her rock path, with so much talent, it would be really reckless of me not paying attention to her in one of (what appears to be) our contemporary (Friday) Breaks.

So, without further introductions, please welcome and enjoy Anouk’s Down And Dirty!

Did you know that Anouk is a mother of four? And that she released 10 albums already? It’s unbelievable, I’ve known her for so long, since the days of “Nobody’s wife” , it’s hard to believe so much time has passed! On the other hand, I’m having troubles relating to that – time passing and its effects on people. Maybe because I look in the mirror and I still see the same girl I was years ago? When I was in my early 20s? (suffice to say that was more than a decade ago!) The people I knew then I still have around me now, every time I look at my Adored Husband I see and feel the same love I felt more than a decade ago, in the news almost the same people (with some notable exceptions, of course, but still there, nevertheless)…

Every now and then I get a reality call when one of the kids moves up from daycare to school. And then we stop and say – has it really been that long? They’re so big now?

Yeah, so I was talking about Anouk? Such a gorgeous lady, seeing her with her kids is so natural and lovely – so weird how people seem to want to know more about their artists nowadays? Who they are beyond the stage and their entertaining value? Like, for instance – I want to know more about Anouk since I’m writing about her, don’t you? Here it is, in (very) short (but I’m counting on our dear Adriana to fill in the blanks):

Anouk is Dutch. Her (full) name is Anouk Teeuwe and she’s 36. She started her musical career in 1997 and she’s still going strong, being heavily awarded throughout her career so far. (if you want, there’s more on her website here)


#1 ajginger on 06.01.11 at 8:45 am

Ah, you posted Anouk and knew whom she is? I only sent the video to you as a friend to share it with you. But oh, do I love this? Thank you! :) :*

The Noukster my favorite rock singer since I saw Nobody’s Wife on MTV or TMF and thought: “what and who is that?” and I became an instant fan until today!
If you like to check that video on YouTube; watch the black a white Dutch version. Not the silly American version. (Sorry, I do not meant to be offensive.) Anouk, too Dutch, couldn’t conform herself to the rules of American record companies. She had other ideas and is too Dutch? Now she don’t care anymore because she is better than many ‘big world stars’ definitely and especially live!
Oh and this: she is a beautiful woman and for some time she dressed in sportswear with short hair and silver front teeth because she did not wanted to be treated like that. And that is something the American market liked to explore….not Anouk though. :D

‘Down and Dirty’ as posted here is live at 8am on Dutch radio. And she gave her awfully cheater of a man hell! When her album To Get Her Together came out -on which she is brutally honest about her pain- it was platinum here in one day. Way to go and eat your heart out Dox, bye, bye!

Anouk is always very private about her personal life and her children are the most important thing to her. The children always comes first. That is why she hardly performs. And when she does it is so great!!

The second video For Bitter Or Worse is about her husband and father of her three first children. Of late she opened up about him and speaks fondly of him. Not a bad word about friendly rapper Postman. The ‘cheater’, also a rapper, Unorthodox got it on with like eight women when she was pregnant with his child, her fourth. She did not want to speak about that either but came forward with her version of what really happened after 7/8 months of silence because Unorthodox acted like a cry baby in tv-programmes to promote a documentary about him on Dutch tv. Otherwise she would have said not a word like she and Postman did when they separated. And she always does.

Often considered a b*tch something I and many girls with me, lots of them at the concerts, don’t think she is at all. She just said what she thinks and act like she pleases. It is still a man’s world…..she is an inspiration to lots of girls.
Her last (pain) album is different; she funks! And it sounds awesome I dance and sing along a few times a day. Can not wait for her next concert.
Sorry for the long piece but as fan; I can help it….:D

Kpriss I love you!! Thanks again! And you people got to check out Anouk. I love all her albums but Hotel New York is one of my faves as is the first and last one.

#2 ajginger on 06.01.11 at 9:05 am

Oops……oh, dear…..ah, I am only a huge fan! Ohhhhhhh……

And the DOX tattoo you see in the For Bitter or Worse video if you did pay attention of course? Anouk undergoes laser removal to get rid of it. I remember when she showed up with I though: “Oh, no Nouk, oh no what have you done?” So luckily that thing goes away; it is fading yet and Anouk is happy and back on her feet again. :)

#3 kpriss on 06.01.11 at 11:19 pm

I knew you’ll provide us with more info than any other internet based resource would! Because you’re there with her, because you like her and know her for so long?

Yes, I knew about her, because, just like you, saw her on TV years ago and went “huh? what’s that jumping up and down? it’s not that bad…” And my, is she gorgeous? What do you have there? the secret for gorgeous genes? I loved her playing around with the kids, she was so different from her edgy punk-ish self, maybe not everyone knows, but mothers have a special smile when they’re with their children. A smile they never show outside of their momzone. And it’s the most beautiful smile they could ever produce. A smile from the heart!

I’m so happy you liked it? We should do more of this “by request” thing!

#4 ajginger on 06.02.11 at 7:18 am

Sweetheart, it was not request I just liked to share a mother of four in her 30’s who rocks. One with three sons one daughter, just as you!! :) :*

Yes, Anouk smiles different also when she just talks about her children and she’s always so nice to her audience and shows us also a great smile. And that beauty of her? Ah, good genes and she lives a normal life usually with her four children if she’s not working. That may helps too?

The “by request” thing is a good idea although I love your surprises as you know. :D

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